Kokora Kora

Though far she was from the isles of her birth, the waves on an Eastern shore sang a familiar lullaby...

Basic Info

Name: Kokora Kora
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 23
Height: 35 ilms
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Cloudy
Occupation: Sons of Saint Coinach Aetherologist; Crystalline Wheel Headmistress
Homeland: Old Sharlayan
Current Home: Kugane

Perhaps you've seen her...

Eavesdropping on conversations in the Shiokaze Hostelry.Speaking with the researchers on Pier #1, curious and eager to hear any news from Eureka.Instructing her students in the science of aetherology or training them in combat on the islands of the Ruby Sea.

Strengths and Struggles

Possesses an exceptional sense for natural aetherTotally blind since she was a child
Compassionate and generousOften reckless and irresponsible
Very quick learnerUnable to read printed books
Blessed with the EchoNaïve

A Child of Sharlayan

Kokora Kora was born in Old Sharlayan in a time of relative stability. But even in times of stability, tragedy can find its way into people's lives. Kokora's parents, both prominent aetherologists in Sharlayan, were studying ancient records of Mhachi voidgate travel, when a mishap during an experiment led to both of their deaths, as well as disrupting the aetheric balance of their four-year-old daughter, Kokora, leaving her permanently blind.

After the deaths of her parents, Kokora grew up in an orphanage on the Isle of Val, operated by the Students of Baldesion. Though it was overall a quiet and peaceful childhood, Kokora never managed to fit in. Despite her insatiable curiosity and quick mind--Sharlayan traits through and through--the fact that she was unable to see printed words and therefore unable to read them meant that she demanded near-constant attention from her teachers, attention those teachers were not willing to give.

It was on the eve of the Calamity, as a young woman of 18, that Kokora decided there was no place for her in Old Sharlayan after all, and she boarded a Roegadyn trading vessel making a voyage from Aerslaent to Vylbrand. It would prove an eventful voyage--as Kokora, still reeling from Hydaelyn's newfound "gift", witnessed the Seventh Umbral Calamity as Bahamut rained fire over Eorzea and the surrounding seas.

The Crystalline Wheel

In the years following the Calamity, Kokora Kora traveled between the three major city-states of Eorzea, studying at Maelvaan's Gate and Arrzaneth Ossuary, learning everything she could about this aether-rich land and the Allagan catastrophe that had laid waste to it while she had been making her voyage there.

A piece of information picked up at the Ossuary led her also to spend a year living with a branch of the miqo'te Drake Tribe in the vicinity of the Burning Wall, learning a unique form of magically-imbued swordplay that allowed her to partially compensate for her blindness.

Eventually, questions about the Calamity and the Echo that seemed to accompany it led her to another group of Sharlayans--the Sons of Saint Coinach, based in Mor Dhona. Kokora threw herself into assisting with their research, happy to be valued for her knowledge and ability on the frontier of Mor Dhona.

The arrival of Doman refugees in Mor Dhona, however, gave Kokora an idea of her own. An exchange of knowledge and culture, she would teach all who came to her seeking tutelage, and in return she would learn from them distant and foreign knowledge of aetherology. Thus, with the Sons' blessing and an investment from the Levalin family, Kokora founded the Crystalline Wheel, with the mission of discovering and sharing hidden knowledge in order to make the world a better place.

Eastward Bound

Following the rediscovery of what appeared to be the Isle of Val off the coast of Hingashi--half a world away from where it should have been--the Sons of Saint Coinach approved a new assignment for Kokora Kora and the Crystalline Wheel. And so they make their way east, to the city of Kugane, to teach more people a world away about Sharlayan aetherology, to research the phenomenon known as the Echo, and to uncover the truth about just what happened to the Isle of Val and the Students of Baldesion...

OOC Info

RP Guidelines

Slice of Life
Echo (with consent)
High-powered/ epic fantasy
Warrior of Light

Player Preferences
Time zone: Eastern U.S.World: BalmungPrefer short messages in RP, but paragraphs are okay.WU/T is okay.Please be respectful and kind OOC.

Free Company
Crystalline Wheel
Role: Headmistress
Homebase: Kugane
World: Balmung

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